10 day wheat regimen

Every year in february thousands of people in Bulgaria (and not only) do a specific diet for 10 day starting on one particular date 1-3 days after the full moon. This is a wheat diet given by a great Bulgarian spiritual master – Peter Deunov(11 July 1864 – 27 December 1944). He is a philosopher and spiritual teacher who has many lectures, energy practices and he is also famous with the world known Paneurhythmy. The regimen is around 80 years old and it is becoming more and more popular. Some people do it for 10 days, others for more or less. Some people do it only for weight loss but it is actually more than a diet. The purpose of this regimen is to purify the mind, the body and the spirit, to renew the body and to prepare it for the new season and also the new astrological year so that it can obtain the maximum of the prana (life energy) from nature. The peak of the prana is in the spring when everything in nature awake after the winter.
Einkorn is very good and pure for this kind of regimen.

Every year The White Brotherhood(Peter Deunov’s followers) announces the date chosen for the beginning. This way the healing energies are even stronger when so many people are involved.
In his lectures, the master speaks a lot about the power of wheat. He says that wheat is an excellent food, that has everything needed for sustaining life. Eating it frequently can give you its specific properties: gentleness, patience, spirituality.

Every day for 10 days you eat 100g wheat(soaked overnight); three times per day, each meal is 33,3g. This is the hard way with bigger effect. The easier way is to add up to 3 apples, 9 walnuts and honey for each day. One meal consists of 33,3g wheat, 1 apple, 3 walnuts and honey.  It is also important to drink a lot of hot water between the meals. During these 10 days you should be careful not to allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind – that’s part of the regimen.

The result after these 10 days is clearer body, amazing skin, a more positive attitude towards life, calmness and just feeling a better person.
It can be really hard or really easy to do it, depending on what type of food you eat daily. If you are interested in yoga and Vedic knowledge may be you know about the three gunas(qualities)

These three gunas are tamas (darkness), rajas (activity), and sattva (beingness, purity).All three gunas are always present in all beings and objects surrounding us but vary in their relative amounts. We humans have the unique ability to consciously alter the levels of the gunas in our bodies and minds. One way to do this is through diet. During the wheat regimen the food is only sattvic which helps to develop higher consciousness, because it cleans the body from sludge, waste and toxins(tamas). It can be used also as a check which guna prevails in you, if the tamas prevails it would be really hard to do it, ot at least the first 3 days would be harder, while tamas is being cleaned up from your body.
This regimen can be done throughout the whole year if you feel that you need to clear your body and your mind. In one of his lectures Peter Deunov says that people who make crimes instead of being imprisoned, should be put on wheat diet for 1-2-3 months depending on the heaviness of the crime. Eating wheat because of its healing powers would clear their blood, change their minds and they would not even consider doing crimes again. He recommends it for everyone who is going through some hard time in their life(for up to 3 months) , and even for naughty children(for 1 week).
It sounds quite scary 1, 2 or 3 months living only with 100g wheat per day, but 10 days, or 1 week is absolutely possible. Last year I did it for the first time and the results are really amazing( I did it with apples and walnuts and honey).
It is a great way to do something good for your body and your mind!